Using Your Own Branding

With Gaggle Mail you can personalise your groups by using your own logo & color schema as well as creating a dedicated homepage for your groups.

In the Design section for any group, there is a Group Logo option which you can use to upload your own logo.

You can also specify a color scheme for your group.  If you have selected a custom logo there is also an option to base the color scheme on colors from your logo.

The logo and color scheme will be used in the group management pages as well as in individual member's pages.  The logo will also appear in all member Digest and Moderation emails.

Custom colour scheme for membership page.

Logo in Footer

You can also make your group logo appear in the footer of all messages sent via your group.  See Custom Footer.

As well as being able to specify a logo for a group you can also set a logo at the Organization level to cover all groups in that Organization.  This is accessed from the Customise section of the Organization settings.

Organization Homepage

As well as customising the logo for your group you can also enable your own Organization homepage on your own domain.  To enable this you need to specify a sub-domain in your Organization settings where you want the page to be hosted.  For example, the sub-domain 'collective' will be accessible here

Using an Organization homepage also means you can access your group administration pages from the same sub-domain i.e.

You can also specify a description for your Organization homepage which will be displayed below the heading.

When group administrators access the Organization homepage they will see buttons to access the administration pages for each group.  Whereas members accessing the Organization homepage will see buttons to access their own personal membership pages for each group.

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