Adding or inviting members

You can add or invite members to your group from the Members area of your group administration panel. In here click the Add button to reveal an area where you can enter email addresses and names of people you wish to add.

Enter one email address per line and a name is optional. The order of email address and name doesn’t matter.   See some examples here.

You may want to prepare your list of members somewhere else and paste them in, that’s totally fine. 

You can also drag and drop .csv or .xlsx files containing your members into this area, see bulk adding members.

You have two options when adding members to your group:

Add directly to the group - People are added to the group straight away and are optionally sent a welcome email depending on the "Send welcome email to new members" checkbox.

Send an invitation for people to accept - An invitation email is sent to each potential member which contains a link to a page where they can either accept or reject the invitation.  If they accept, they are sent a welcome email if the "Send welcome email to new members" checkbox is checked.

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