There are just three different roles people can have in a group on Gaggle Mail, here's what they are:

  • Member - This is someone who is a member of a group and receives all messages sent to that group.  The administrator of the group can choose what members are allowed to do, including; whether they can send to the group, if they can see the message archive, and if they can see who the other members in the group are.
  • Administrator - A group can have one or more administrators, all administrators have equal rights.  Administrators can add and remove people from the group, update members' preferences and details as well update any setting on a group.
  • Moderator - When moderation is switched on, a moderator will receive a copy of every message sent to the group and they can choose whether to accept or reject it.  Moderators also get access to the message archive so they can moderate message from there.
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