Getting Started for New Members

When you become a member of a group, you can access everything you need from your Member Settings page.  This is where you update your personal details, switch to the Daily Digest or unsubscribe from the group.  

Membership Settings Page

Membership Settings page.

How do I access my Member Settings page?

You access your own personal members' settings by following the "My Settings" link in the footer of any message sent via your group (the link may be called something different if your group is using a custom footer).  

If you don't have a message sent via your group to hand, you can go to the Find My Groups page where we will send you an email with links to all the groups you're a member of.

Do I need to create an account to be a member of a group?

No, you don't need an account, you can send and receive messages without creating an account.  

Messages sent to your group will arrive in your inbox and you can send a message to your group by sending an email from your regular email client (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc) to your group address.

You do need an account if you want to:

  • View the message archive
  • Send messages from your Member Settings page
  • Resend messages to yourself from the Digest
  • Add member alias addresses

If you don't have one, just click the red COMPOSE button or the Messages area where you can choose a password and confirm your new account via email.  You only need one account regardless of many groups you're a member of.  

How can I view the messages archive?

If the message archive has been made available to members then you can access it from your Member Settings page.  You will need to create an account to access it if you haven't got one already.

How do I send messages to my group?

If your group is open to messages from members then you can send an email to your group address (something like <my-group> and it will go to everyone within the group.  

You can also send a message to your group directly from your Members Settings page by clicking the red COMPOSE button, this does require setting up an account (described above).

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