Customising your member invite email

When you invite someone to join your group we send them an email introducing the group and a link to a page where they can either accept or reject the invitation.

You can personalise this invite email in the Design section in the “Custom Member Invite” section.

As well as the text of the invite you can also specify some replacement tags to personalise the message. Html tags are not supported but we do provide special tags to make text bold or insert links.

Here’s a list of all supported tags:

Tag Description
**some bold text** Make text bold
[a link]( A link with the text "a link"
|MemberName| The new member’s name
|MemberEmail| The new member’s email address
|AcceptLink| The link the person clicks to either accept or reject the invitation
|GroupName| The name of your group
|GroupEmail| The email address of your group
|AdminEmail| The list owner’s email address
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