Custom Domain - Hosted MX Record

Gaggle Mail gives you two ways of using your own address for your group.  

The simplest is to set up a redirect from your custom address to your address, however, when using this approach the from address of your messages will still be the address.  This is explained in more detail here.

The other way to use your own domain is to host your MX record with us so we can send and receive emails on behalf of your domain.  This means the from address will also use your custom domain.

If you already use your domain for regular email then you can't also host this domain with us, you can however use a sub-domain.  For example, if you're already using for regular email, you can't also host this domain with us but you can use something like

To start with your groups need to be linked together in an Organization and open the Organization Settings and select the Customise tab.

In here, scroll down to the Hosted Domain option and click Add Hosted Domain.

Once the domain has been added click the View DNS Records link to see the DNS records which need to be configured.

You will then need to go and configure these records with the domain host for your domain, see here for help.  Once these records are setup you can come back to this screen and click the "Re-Check DNS Records" button to check if the records are correctly configured.

Once everything is set up and your domain is showing as "Is Valid" you can now go to the Settings page for your individual groups, enable the "Use custom domain" option, and then set an address for that group (i.e.

Note: Once all DNS records have been configured and the domain is showing as being configured correctly, it can still take a few hours before the mailbox is fully available.  If when sending to your new custom domain you get a "Mailbox unavilable" message, please wait a few hours and try again.

If you need any help with getting any of this set up please don't hesitate to contact us.

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