Custom Domain - Redirect

When you create a group with Gaggle Mail you get a address. That’s great, who wouldn’t want one of those!

What if you already have your own domain and want to use that for your group email address – that’s where custom domains come in.

For example, say you have the Gaggle Mail address but you already own the domain and want to start using instead.

1. Create the email account you want to start using ( with the email provider for your domain.

2. Setup email forwarding for the address you want to forward from ( to your Gaggle Mail address (

Forwarding email for Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, GoDaddy or others.

When setting up email forwarding some email providers send a confirmation email to the address you’re forwarding to (in this case for confirmation. We attempt to forward this message automatically to the administrators of your group but if you don't receive it, let us know and we will forward it to you manually.

3. Enable the ‘Use Custom domain’ option in your Gaggle Mail settings and enter the custom email address you want to use (

Setting up a custom domain for your group

That’s it.  All email sent to will be sent to all the members of your Gaggle Mail list.

When using a custom domain in this way, the from address from messages will still be the address.  This is explained in more detail here but if you wan to use your custom domain as the from address see here Custom Domain - Hosted MX Record.
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