Replying to messages in the Daily Digest

If someone is receiving messages via the Daily Digest and want to reply to one of those messages, how do they do it?

Since they don't have a copy of the message they reply directly to it from their inbox, instead, they have two options.  Below every individual message in the digest there are two buttons; "View Message" and "Send Me This Message".

The digest recipient could press the View Message button, in which case they would be taken to that message in the Message Archive for thier group, where they would be able to hit Reply and send a reply.  

Alternativly, they could hit Send Me This Message in which case we would send them a copy of the original message which they would be able to reply to directly from their inboxes.   This option is especially useful if someone wanted to reply and include any footers or formatting they use in their regualr email client.

For both of these options the member must have an account with us since they are accessing the message archive which requires people to be logged in.  The first time they do this, if they don't have an account already, we walk them through the process.  There is more on member accounts here Quick Start for Members.

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