Bulk Create and Modify Groups

You can easily create and update groups in bulk with Gaggle Mail.  Quite simply, this works by downloading a spreadsheet of your current groups, updating the existing groups, adding new rows to create new groups, and re-uploading the spreadsheet.

You access this feature by click the Bulk Changes button from your My Groups page.

This will open a simple popup with options to download or upload a spreadsheet.

The download button will download a spreadsheet containing all your groups, or if you've checked only a few of your groups in the My Groups screen, then the spreadsheet will just container those.

Modify Groups

Once you open the spreadsheet you will see your groups with all their settings.  From here you can change any setting for your group.

Create Groups

To create new groups, just copy an existing row and update it with your new groups' details.  It's that simple, you can create one or one thousands groups like this.

When you upload the spreadsheet a summary of changes will be presented before you choose to apply the changes.  If there are any errors with your spreadsheet these will be shown here also.

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