Information Security

Gaggle Mail is widely used by thousands of organisations both personal and professional, as such, we take security and in particular data privacy very seriously.

Encrypted By Default

All data served by Gaggle Mail is over encrypted HTTPS channels.  To access any group data stored on Gaggle Mail users need to be logged in with their own account where we enforce industry-standard authentication and password requirements (all passwords are salted and hashed).  No data sent over a Gaggle Mail group is accessible to the public internet.

Our Infrastructure

Gaggle Mail is 100% cloud-based.  We run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) utilising data centres based in the US.  

What We Do

Our dedicated support team use audited 2FA accounts to access our cloud infrastructure.  We have active intruder detection systems in place to identify any unauthorised access attempts.  

Data Privacy

You can see our data privacy policy here.  We are fully GDPR compliant and you can see our GDPR statement here.

We hope that helps and if you have any specific questions with regards to security please let us know.

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