Sending messages

Sending messages to your group is really simple.

You can either send an email to your group address (i.e. using your regular email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, iOS Mail etc) this will then be forwarded on to everyone in your group.

Alternatively, you can compose and send a message directly from the group administration panel. At the bottom right-hand corner there’s a circular red button which will popup the compose window.

Composing a new message to your group.

However, you send to your group you can include attachments of up to 10MB. All messages sent via your group are stored in a fully searchable message archive which you can see in the Messages area of your group administration panel.

Sending to a or sub-set or an individual

You can also send a message to a sub-set of your group or a particular individual.  Your do this with our Direct Message feature and is done by selecting the people you would like to send the message to in your Members area and then clicking the envelope toolbar button.

Messages sent in this way do not appear in the messages archive and replies come directly back to you (the sender) and not the group.

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