Custom Member Fields

As well as storing member names and email addresses, you can also store other information about your members. For example, this may be their: Address, Phone number, Company, Role etc. it's really up to you.
You manage your member fields in the Manage Member Fields pop-up, which is accessed from either your group Settings page or in the dropdown menu on your Members page.
By default, we show four members fields; Name, Email, Delivery, and Tags. You can re-order these fields and choose which ones are visible in the Member list.
Click the "Add a custom field" button at the bottom to add your field. Then, all you need to do is enter the field name and click Add.
For custom fields, there is an option to allow Member's to view and edit the field from their personal Membership page. If this is enabled, members can see and edit their value for this field. It will also appear on the online signup form if that is enabled.
With this option disabled, the Member will not be able to see or edit this field; it will essentially be private for the group administrator to see and maintain.
As well as appearing on the online signup form, values for custom fields can be added and updated through our API.
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