Email Commands

Email commands are a convenient way of interacting with your group by sending an email to a specific address instead of having to log in to your Dashboard.

In all the commands below <group-address> refers to the email address of your group (i.e.  This can either be your address or a custom domain.

Member Commands

These commands can be used by any member of a group to either unsubscribe or subscribe.

Email Address Action
Unsubscribes the sender from the group.
Adds the sender to the group if online signs are enabled. Otherwise, messages to this address are ignored.

Administrator Commands

Administrator email commands let you add, invite, and remove people from your group as well as receiving a list of all the members in your group.  Most commands require a specific email body.

Email Address Email Body Action
<group-address> List of people to be added, one per line, the name is optional i.e.

Mary Goose
Sammy Anserine digest
Jemima Duck paused

Add people to a group.
<group-address> List of people to be invited, one per line, the name is optional i.e.

Mary Goose
Sammy Anserine
Jemima Duck

Invite people to join a group.
<group-address> List of email addresses of people to be removed from the group i.e.

Remove people from a group.
<group-address> - Sends a list of all members back to the administrator.
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