Changing your group size

What happens if I need to change the size of my group after I’ve started a subscription?

Put simply when you switch between group sizes we do a pro-rata calculation of what has been used at the different subscription levels and either add or subtract the difference from your next bill.

There’s a couple of worked examples below but we know this can be a little confusing so if you have any questions about this or other matters of billing then please let us know.

Increasing the Size of Your Group
Say your group is currently paying $10 per month for 100 members and is billed at the 1st of each month. If you then increase your group to 300 members halfway through a billing cycle (i.e. on the 15th) at that point you’ve already paid $10 and used half of it, so there’s a $5 credit.

The cost of the increased subscription ($30 per month) for the rest of the billing cycle is $15. Therefore, the total prorated cost of the switch is $10 ($15 for the switch minus $5 credit). This amount is added to your next bill.

Reducing the Size of Your Group
Now let’s try that in reverse. Say you start with a subscription for 300 members at $30 per month that is billed on the 1st of each month. If you then reduce your group down to 100 members halfway through the billing cycle you will have a $15 credit since you’ve only used half of the current billing cycle.

The cost of the reduced subscription ($10 per month) for the rest of the billing cycle is $5. Therefore you will be in credit by $10 ($15 credit minus $5 for the switch) at the end of the cycle. This amount will then be taken off your bill and subsequent bills until the credit is cleared.

Note: If you’re paying annually and your group grows dramatically in size we reserve the option to submit an interim invoice before the next billing period.
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