API - Update Member

POST https://gaggle.email/api/v2/update-member

Updates an existing member of a group.



api_key (string) Your API key (see API Introduction)
group_address (string)
The @gaggle.email address of the group
email (string) The email address of the member to update
new_email (string) The updated email address for the member (optional)
name (string) The name you'd like to update the member to (optional) 
delivery (string) The new delivery mode for the member [immedidate | digest | paused] (optional)


This example shows updating the name of a member.

POST https://gaggle.email/api/v2/update-member
	'api_key': <your-api-key>,
	'group_address': 'test-group@gaggle.email',
	'email': new-member-1@acme.com,
	'name': 'New name'


Status code 200 signifies success.

status (string) success: all members successfully updated
failed: no members delete
message (string) optional error message
	'status': 'failed', 	
	'message': 'you are not an administrator of the group'	
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